Australia Day: Indigenous people are told to ‘get over it’. It’s impossible

By Amy McQuire, Originally published in The Guardian Australia Monday 27 January 2014 Every year, Australia tries to wash away its hidden history with displays of overt nationalism. On 26 January, Australians plant their union jacks in parks and beaches across the country, or on the faces of small children who are taught nothing about […]

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Brandis, Bolt & Bigots

By Amy McQuire, April 22 2014, Tracker Magazine. NATIONAL: Race relations have hit a new low in this country. The nation’s top lawmaker is now seeking to weaken one of the few protections against racial vilification afforded to minorities, to protect the rights of bigots. And the Human Rights Commissioner is paving the way. AMY […]

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The Lost Generations

By Amy McQuire, March 3, 2014, Tracker Magazine. NATIONAL: Across New South Wales we are losing a generation of children to prison. It’s an urgent problem because these are our future leaders, writes AMY MCQUIRE*. The memory is hazy now, almost like a faded photograph in the back of her mind. She hardly talks about […]

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ABC defamed respected Aboriginal elder

By Amy McQuire, November 14, 2013, Tracker Magazine. NATIONAL: The ABC defamed “highly respected” elder Rosalie Kunoth-Monks when it broadcast comments from a young Territorian of the Year claiming Ms Kunoth-Monks had labeled her home community “racist” during the tent embassy protests, the NT Supreme Court has ruled. Justice Dean Mildren awarded Ms Kunoth-Monks a total […]

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The ghosts of Bowraville

By Amy McQuire, November 2013, TRACKER MAGAZINE NATIONAL: Three children were murdered on the Bowraville mission within five months of each other in 1990 to 1991. Only one man stands accused of these crimes, but thanks to a series of spectacular failures in the original police investigation – and a racist and apathetic justice system […]

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